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thought they had been covered over and over again, but when i went to texas, i started finding out that most of the stories that we knew about him, the anecdotes that we knew about him, were really a legend that he had, in effect, created about his life and it wasn't really the truth, so i to start all over. c-span: can you remember the moment, the first moment that you said, "i want to do lyndon johnson?" >> guest: well, i was a reporter on newsday, and what i realized was not that i wanted to do biographies, brian. i never conceived of writing books just as the lives of famous men. i really had no interest in that at all. what i wanted to do was explain how political power worked, because i was a reporter and i was covering politics, and i felt that i wasn't really explaining what i had gone into the newspaper business to explain, which was how political power worked, and a lot of it led back to this man, robert moses, a lot of what i didn't understand. now, here was a guy who was never elected to anything, and i was coming to realize that he had more power than anyone who was go
to celebrate recovery. (applause) texas recovers is puttin' on this event called the big texas rally for recovery. big texas rally for recovery. wow. this is huge, because texas, of course now, is a part of promoting recovery at a statewide level. we've got people from across the state showing up to present a positive face and voice of recovery. we want you to know that recovery is possible. say it loud, say it proud, "i am in recovery!" (crowd: i am in recovery!) it's so important that this event takes place, especially in texas. for so long, people in recovery have been hidden in church basements, and they've kept their anonymity, and everybody needs to know that people do recover and live successful, productive, wonderful lives. and this is one way we can make the public aware that recovery is real, and recovery is rewarding, and recovery restores health and families. the reality of recovery is a whole, healthy community. so everybody benefits. we've got to thank everybody. it's a party out here. and that's the name of the theme for recovery month this year, is that everyone benef
for this texas girl so i'm from texas, saw frost on the car yesterday morning, wow, we have come a long ways. >> and the frost all over the grass, pretty widespread across the area. >> cold stuff but it is the first week in december and welcome to you. >> thanks, chuck, good to be here. >> not a texas alumni are you? >> no, i'm not a texas alumni. i have to be careful because that can be sensitive. >> it can be sensitive depending on where you spend your time and who has the mug. >> i've spent many years in texas. >> if you wear longhorns that's trouble in my world. that's all right. >> i've been told to also watch the dallas cowboy lingo around here. >> well you won't get any fights from me on that one. outside on a beautiful saturday morning, clear skies, allowed temperatures to drop off well below freezing in many spots especially out to the west of washington. in downtown we're still holding on to 37 degrees but it's 27 in mannasas, 27 culpeper, 28 in leesburg and ashburn, 35 degrees in arlington this morning, 30 degrees in waldorf and laplata. we will be 100% dry all weekend long but th
texas nos hablan del recibimiento estos hÉroes. >> decenas de familias esperaban ansiosas en la base de ford texas lo que consideran su regalo adelantado, luego de mÁs de 10 meses de misiÓn en irak, muchos soldados podrÁn reincorporarse con sus familias. >> muy orgullosa,yo estoy bien emocionada y ansiosa, ya estoy lista que mi esposo estÁ en casa con mis hijos y conmigo. >> con muchas emociones corriendo por mi corazÓn a 1000 por hora, pero agradecida con dios, feliz que voy a poder volver a abrazarlos. >> por orden de barack obama todas las tropas eran estar fuera de irak antes del 31 de diciembre. han estado saliendo los uniformados estadounidenses sin cesar con rumbo a qwait para luego emprender el viaje de mÁs de 24 horas con regreso a casa. una vez en suelo estadounidense son recibidos como todos unos hÉroes. cientos 21 miembros de la unidad de logÍstica lograron regresar sin ninguna baja y listos para abrazar a los suyos. >> me siento muy bien, es una misiÓn muy difÍcil. >> para el sargento es la cuarta vez que regresar de zona de combate. >> si no fuera por la motiv
'm in talks in your home state of texas. >> okay, just give us an idea of how scalable is this production? for example, how many barrels a day can be delivered in one of your plants that is up and running and mature? >> well, it's scalable based on demand. our process, without giving away our trade secret here -- >> i don't want you to do that. >> there's a scalable amount that we can increase our production based on demand. and we have the extraction process in place that we can extract the oil and deliver as a biofuel feed stock or in the pharmaceutical industry for the omega 3's that are present in the product. >> do you see a point where one of these plants could produce 100,000 barrels a day? >> absolutely. >> 200,000? >> absolutely. >> how does it go from there to where you need it used? >> normally you can build the plants onsite. where you have a biofuels plant you can build an algae manufacturing at the plant. you can move others by either a pipeline or truck, but definitely have to do the studies to make sure that in any -- as in any product that there's not going to be any adve
's a look at our national picture. the satellite radar picture combined and you can see basically that texas is getting much needed rain in parts of new mexico getting snow showers. also snow will be falling in the colorado area as well. basically the middle of the country is where we are looking at some cold fronts coming through and then we'll eventually start to see some of that impacting our area slowly. it's a slow moving cold front. you can see impacting parts of the middle section of the country north of texas into parts of kansas, missouri, and in the plains. we have high pressure in the mid atlantic. we have clear skies. another cold night, but then we'll see plenty of sunshine. so, chilly saturday for your weekend starting off and milder for your sunday. great for holiday prep. showers arriving by tuesday. slow moving cold front that we're going to see here. here's a look at your forecast overnight. clear and cold. lows will be 27 to 37 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and cold. we need a jacket. winds will be light. sunrise at 7:09. hopefully we'll be sleeping in. afternoon
that straight. he has a record six billion worth of drugs seized when he sent his national guard, the texas rangers and dps and other resources to the border. he's a governor and over 11 years and still the governor and still fighting the war. he's not talking about the past. and so we have a guy who is doing it now and has a proven record. i spent four years as federal head of drug enforcement in mexico city and texas and arizona and i think i know where the border is and i believe he said in one year when he is president, he would secure that border. i believe him. >> i know perry, does this mean you don't think romney is serious enough about enforcing border security? >> he's a nice guy. i have known him, cain has visited and michele bachmann and mitt called me one time. but people seem to flip flop when they run for president. perry has not flip flopping he is a conservative guy . i spent two days with him last week in new hampshire and i know the guy personally. >> a lot of candidates are courting your support and you decide to back perry a lot of people are mad at you. because he supp
system, which is already coming in across the plains, bringing rain from wisconsin down into texas. the back side of this, there is snow back in western kansas and nebraska as well. of course, this is december and what we expect to happen as we head into the later half of the fall. this storm system will be heading our way for the next couple days. first it will bring warmer weather and eventually bring a chance for rain and a significant cooldown. i want to show you national temperature scheme now. you see cold air across the mid-atlantic. look at this mild air coming back into texas and oklahoma. this is coming in ahead of the next storm system. we'll get that brief warm up before the chill sets in behind the system. for the forecast, seasonably cool. mostly sunny skies throughout the day, the light north wind pleasant as we step outside. we'll need a jacket at any point in the day. as we head into the night, it will be another cold one. lows in the upper 20's to low 30's across the downtown area. the seven-day forecast keeps us dry throughout the weekend but increasing clouds in
weather. that storm system already in the plains bringing heavy rain from texas all the way from wisconsin into michigan. behind this cold air pushing in. therefore snow popping up out toward nebraska as well. this will be a rain event for us. with the storm, we will see a drop-off in the temperatures. mild air starting to push in across texas. 56 in dallas fort worth. 66 in houston. this milder air will be heading our way. hyped that all, we see temperatures drop down. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. temperatures seasonably cool. winds out of the north, light in nature. so you don't have to factor in a winled chill today. just have a jacket. another cold night on tap. we'll be dropping into the 20's and 30's with partly cloudy skies sms winds stay light over night and we talk about our next storm system. the clouds do start to increase throughout the day sunday. we stay dry on sunday. back toward cleveland a storm starts to move in where the ravens will be playing tomorrow afternoon. taking down the cleveland browns, and they will have rainy weather, chilly conditions. sunday,
the plastic soup in the pacific ocean. i've read that it's the size of two states of texas. so, okay, we could cut that in half. would plastic soup, would plastic debris and smothering of aquatic life, would that work if it were just one state of texas instead of two states of texas? i don't think we'd think so. so the limits frame keeps me in that quantitative, oh, we just have to cut back, cut back. but rather, what we know from an ecomind, it is about changing the system it that generates that waste. the word "waste" then reminds me of another problem with the scarcity frame and the limits being the problem. we think of the problem out there, and we don't look at the fact. we say, oh, we've hit the limits like food. oh, we've hit the limits to feed people. you hear that quite often. still, as i heard it 40 years ago. and yet we don't see the enormous waste built into our global food system. where you less than half of -- where now less than half of the grain that we produce in our world goes directly to human beings. about a third of it goes to animals which we know, you know,. >> rink its
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, it is going to stay there for a while. bits of the energy are going to move out across parts of texas. already seeing some of that rain. i will tell you over the next few days some big stories are going to be had here. the four corners dealing with the snow. you see the stripe that goes up across parts of the brains and northern great lakes. that is snow to the tune of 3 to 6 inches for some places around kansas. stretching eventually up towards wisconsin. that is saturday and sunday. take a look what happens right behind that though. a monday storm that brings snow into the texas pagez. snow -- panhandle. eventually around indianapolis or so. the good side of this i have got to tell you we are going to get some rain across parts of texas and louisiana. good any time we get rain in texas for about the next year. going to get some. you don't want to see that much in parts of arkansas. they had a lot of rain last week. they will be dealing with a little floody. >> shepard: the mid south don't need it either. have a good weekend. >> you too. >> shepard: a showdown on capitol hill over a controver
as long as that is there it will remain unsettled. right now we have rain. snow across the texas panhandle and into kansas and solid rain across eastern kansas and toward mississippi and it will cross over into snow. and we have winter weather advisories with the pink that is a warning, and watches, and stretching out across the plains to the east. and it will be all rain and it will be a lot this will cause flooding concerns but texas will get rain and that will be good news. >>dave: thanks, rick. great job yesterday. a big day in politics because we could narrow the g.o.p. field a bit because herman cain making a big announcement today about the future of his campaign. is it a big announcement if he says "i'm still in," or only big if you are out? >>clayton: a lost sources say the cain campaign is leaning toward suspending the campaign. listen to herman himself describe what he will do today. take a listen. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. that is all there is. tomorrow we will be opening our headquarters in
in panhandles of oklahoma as well as texas. further out towards the east, things looking more settled. temperatures not too bad. d.c., 14 for pup 18 in atlanta. just in double figures in new york at 11. 5 in toronto and a warm day in winnipeg at. 2 in denver and low 20s in houston as well as mexico city. okay. now to europe. storm after storm keeps coming through the british isles. and during your day on friday, you can see there is a very well-developed system just about to move into the british isles and you can just tell how strong that wind is going to be. so gaels continuing since last week, really, right across the north. as for the precipitation in the baltic states, rain changing over to snow by the time it hits western russia, and down to the southeast, not too bad here actually. a little warmer than it has been in the past weeks. athens up to 18 degrees on your saturday. 17 for rome, and 12 in paris. 12 in london as well. and vienna, meanwhile, looking a lot cooler. 69 in berlin and 5 for the high in stockholm. here is your extended forecast. >> that's our broadcast for this
- 1972 career. this is bill clinton, who actually ran the george mcgovern campaign in texas, as many of you know. >> think of just the highlights of this fascinating life. pilot, a teacher, congressman, senator, first director of food for peace, author with senator dole of the food stamp program, courageous critic of the vietnam war, first and only person from south dakota so far to be nominated for president, united nations delegate under presidents ford and carter, advocate for disarmament and peace in the middle east. when i was president, united nations ambassador to the food and agriculture organization, recipient of the medal of freedom, and with senator dole, the inspiration for the school funding program. george did not tell you what happened with the $300 million. there are 130 million children in this world who never darkened a schoolhouse door. their idea was to say to poor kids across the world and to their parents, you can have one good nutritious meal a day no matter how poor you are, but you have to come to school to get it. after we passed that little bit the initiati
the back of the truck watching the road behind him. this poem is called big thicket jasper, texas. a crack is a buck shot. big thickel. crack, headlights staggering home. the road kills. crack, big thicket. the sticks, drink, drink, headlight stagger in the road. creek, crack, stick broke light kills. big thickel. buck shot by the white headlights to big thicket. what you looking at. crack, the white stick big thicket along the trees. the buck is staggering home. crack, we go to big thicket what you are g
on ropes of camel smoke and demand a texas holdum. no wonder they call it spirits. spirits vad my father with cower vas yea. spirits made him burn rubber screaming in the driveway. the marianet and tongue were skillets at mid night. i wouldn't see his ass again until the next afternoon. twoshgs johnnie. gee my cousin john edwards volunteered for possession every week. he was certified. ex exor citizenim did nothing. colt 45, crazy horse they demand the sacrifices in blood so bottles would go to the couch friday night. walls kicked until straight jackets lay waiting on the lawn. mama would site visions of gang boys with metal vent as if it explained anything. it didn't between dusk from the and dawn saturday he was ready to blow the -- up. do you want some of this? oh , no, yes oh , no or yes , i will be damn, i will be damn, i will be damn. [applause] >> this is called someone else's child. and i guess it's a sort of an imagined conversation with a took place in a real moment in my father's hospital room in a matter of weeks before he died. my father is my foster father and there was al
in come from exotic places like vallejo, california, corpus christi, texas, and up in oregon and washington. so there are a number of different place that is contribute to providing different structural elements. if you are looking at steel in particular, there is more domestic steel in the entire eastern span than any other foreign steel component. if you look at the final bridge, a little over 75% of the steel for the eastern span is fabricated in some u.s. mill. >> is there some updated total for the price tag for this project? is it still $6 billion for the price tag? >> it is about that, $6.3. the toll bridge oversight committee, which consists, caltrans and others, and they put out reports that says how we are doing financialally. along with that, there is a $900 million contingency. that is all downloadable from the bay bridge site? >> are you shooting for 2013? >> late 2013 is when we expect the prinl to be open. [inaudible question] >> it depends. it is very hard to put a date on when this bridge is going to be completed. but the september-november time frame is what
. from texas - to ohio - to new jersey - we feature several players who will knock you senseless. so hold on... sports stars of tomorrow starts right now.
that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> jon: just so you know the real professor butterscotch is alive. i didn't really squeeze her so hard she turned into a glass siamese cat. anyway, if you have been following the republican presidential primary you notice that the default republican nominee mitt romney spends little or no time doing interviews on the tv where the other candidates are working the sunday news show circuit like a politician running for president. why no one on ones for romney? because he's running a classic political gambit call kd the marlin money ster strategy. romney appears only in debate surrounded by money sters. aka the other republican presidential candidates. and instantly voters think that pretty one seems normal. but on tuesday night romney decided to ditch the money sters and sit down one-on-one with fox ne
home. we'll have today's emotional reunions from ft. hood texas and country singer mindy mccready faces the music in her custody battle. she and her son were missing for three days. where investigators found them after this. nyquil:what? tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. >>> oh, what a happy moment for so many families there at ft. hood, texas, today. the last of our brave men and women who served in iraq coming home. this was the scene in indiana earlier this week as 100 soldiers returned. >>> this homecoming happened yesterday for 60 national guard troops in san mateo, california, correspondent chris lawrence is at the reunion at ft. hood. >> i know you've seen a lot of these homecomings and it just never gets old. the thing that makes this so special is a lot of these troops in the case of iraq, there is no next time. it's really hard to describe the emotion going on before the troops arrived. kids were running around, jumping up and down. the
own. the stimulus didn't work. we know that, we have a shovel are-ready project, canada to texas, the keystone pipeline. over 20,000 jobs, revenue for the government. and it's privately funded. what is wrong with -- he won't do it. >> when we look at the jobs picture and these numbers, you think about the reagan recovery in the 1980s. we were creating between 305 and 500 how to new jobs a month. we're nowhere near that. >> this is really scary, and if you really look at what he said in selling the stimulus package, the trillion dollar -- many trillions -- back in 2009, he said was -- read the numbers -- unemployment should be well below 8% now. should be maybe heading toward 7% right now. and that's the real failure here. none of it really worked. he even concedes, there was no shovel-ready involved in projects, simply a transfer of money to the states, the states kept the unions fat and happy, spend all their money on pension costs, and it's really interesting, it's about green jobs, which don't produce any jobs. many solyndras, not a lot of jobs. >> that's why we're talking abo
to yield here. i'm over my time. thank you. gentleman the texas. >> thank you. i thank the witnesses for appearing. not allowing your testimony to be misconstrued later in history, is it correct to say not one of you concluded that fha should be eliminated? if you are in agreement with me, kindly extend a hand into the air. i know it's not what you normally do at a hear, but we do this at court with something called voir dire. if you think fha has a meaningful role in the housing market, kindly raise a hand. for the record, please, let it reflect all the witnesses concluded that fha has a meaningful place in the housing market. if you think that fha has been a benefit in stabilizing with the recovery that has not been completed, i understand we're not there. do you agree fha has been a benefit in helping us get through 24 -- this downturn in the market and it acted as a force? if you agree, extend a hand into the air. let the record reflect show all the parties show they agree it's been a force helping with the recovery. friends, later on, there will probably later on be talk of fha
madness surrounding christmas. we thought we had won this battle but now situations in texas and rhode island must be addressed. we will do it tonight. >> you know, we have all lost our train of thought before but not many have done it on national tv. >> bill: governor rick perry trying to make a come back by being humble. will it work? governor mike huckabee will weigh in. also tonight jesse watters visits toys are us. >> anything you want to say to bill? >> merry christmas. >> bill: geraldo on why six states refused to pass jessica's law. caution, you are to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. pinheads in toy land that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we have stood up for christmas on the factor. swafting away -- swatting away attempts by secular pro-greives. gibson wrote an entire book documenting most of them. this year most retail companies are saying merry christmas. a few years ago companies ordered their employees not to say it. but in the nation
. welcome home, they yelled there. this is ft. hood this morning in texas. families finally greeting their soldiers who just arrived from combat deployment in iraq. cnn pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is there and tells us why this homecoming is a particularly special one. >> reporter: fred, i know you've seen a lot of these homecomings and it just never gets old. but the thing that makes this one so special is, for a lot of these troops, in the case of iraq, there is no next time. it's really hard to describe the emotion that was going on here before the troops arrived. kids were running around, jumping up and down. they had so much excitement, anticipation of the families. it's been a long ten months. and then all of a sudden, the smoke starts coming out and the gate rises up, and the soldiers come out like rock stars, literally, the crowd is screaming. everyone tried to make the speeches very, very short because the highlight was seeing these troops rush into the arms of their loved ones, hugging, kissing, trying to catch up over what's been missed over the last ten months.
and murdered. authorities in chicago sent the remains of those still unidentified to this lab in texas in hopes that they could be named. >> back in the 80s, everything was dental. that was about it. with dna now we have so much more that we can do. >> reporter: there is also a hotline families of the missing can call. they are being asked to give samples of their dna to assist in the investigation. for the sister of william bundy who heard of the investigation and gave her dna, the discovery has brought closure. >> i know that -- that the sorrow will eventually go away and i'll have a place to visit him. >> reporter: ironically, other family members are buried in the same cemetery as bundy. the family has visited several times over the years, not knowing their brother was just a short distance away. kevin tibls, nbc news, chicago. >>> here in new york today, they were lined up outside christie's auction house for a look at elizabeth taylor's jewels. she's acquired a formidable collection over her 79 years, an array of diamonds, saffires and em ralds, all on display before they're sold at aucti
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especially texas like fairfield. we already saw this earlier in fairfield went--ended down but now is back up. to bridge is mainly in the upper forties and low fifties for the overnight hours. i will have more on your charges and afternoon highs coming up. >>gary: coming up later in this broadcast we have serious business involving the raider linebacker and to lie in the move, vern glenn gets beaten up on camera and is friday night and alecia will watch role man get beat up verbally. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, >>pam: occupy san francisco protesters took to the streets against nigeria-- zeroth took to the streets again tonight. the dem
the georgia to texas swing so much safer for the farm states that are so loyally republican? would've we got going for us that they don't have going for them? >> a couple things are interesting. louisiana was one of the last southern states good to talk about the deep south and southern strategy. louisiana is a u.s. senator until recently had never had a republican majority in either chamber i did not have a history of electing republican governors. i voted for twice. a lot of voters and the fact reregister democrat was a republican nationally. even a voter registration, even though our numbers are increasing in their numbers are tear creasing, were still half the size of the democratic party. they outnumbered two to one even today. so i think what's interesting, let's look at state that a red versus blue, but the states that are changing. louisiana is moving in the right direction. west virginia is one of those states that wants to move in the right direction and certainly a lot of talk about the western states may be becoming more purple, moving kind of towards the middle. i think that the
of the day -- for example, my home state of texas, you talk along the rio grande to the latino voters and they're wired up about illegal immigration, their farms and e.r.a. are being hurt by it. so they're tough on immigration but they don't want -- whatever candidate talks about immigration to depict them in a way that doesn't seem to be respectful and that's really key >> i don't think the democrats win by anything close to the margin last time, which was 68-3 2. i think the republicans are likely to win a much larger percentage because the number one issue in the latino community is the number one issue in america. jobs, jobs, jobs, and this administration -- the unemployment was supposed to be 6% today according to the president0s own document. don't take my word for it. go google the president's document issued 11 days before he was sworn into office, laying out the benefit of passing the stimulus program immediately and there's a chart in there, and it says, unemployment today would be 6% and unemployment would top out at 8% by the end of the summer of 2009. and instead we have
it is beneficial for oklahoma and also texas. coming down heavily at times, several inches. we going to be seed flooding along the western parts. western parts of tennessee, arkansas, even into louisiana quite a bit of rain. coming down heavily the next several days. by 6:00 p.m. monday we will have actually a second disturbance entering parts of the four corners of the rockies. more snowfall out there parts of arizona and new mexico and even, texas. picking up a few inches of snow out there for the start of the workweek. going to be a very unsettled start of the workweek, heather, for us here at the weather studio. >> thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> get out your skis. have at it. >> japanese and russian scientists say it is all together possible to clone a mammoth. they will soon start research into regenerating one of the huge mammals. been existences extinct now tore 10,000 years. sigh entities found a well preserved bone marrow and they may be able to use that genetic material to bring a ma moth back to life. >> that is my question. why would you want to bring a mammoth back to li
, oklahoma and oklahoma state in a few minutes. >> can i get a little texas in there, please, a little text next? >> nope, sorry, maybe next time. >> thank you, chuck. >>> now to decision 2012, where today we could see a republican presidential candidate drop out of the race. herman cain will make what he calls a major announcement later today, as many political analysts believe he will announce he's bowing out of the 2012 election. cain has been dogged by policy mistakes, several allegations of sexual misconduct and now a claim that he had an affair for 13 years. he spoke with his wife yesterday for the first time since ginger white came forward saying she had a relationship with cain. the sexual misconduct allegations have appeared to catch up with cain. a new poll from the "des moines register" shows support for cain in iowa has plummeted. back in october, he was polling around 23%. now he's at just 8%. the iowa caucuses is scheduled for a month from today. >>> donald trump has a new job title. debate moderator. the business mogul will moderate a gop debate hosted by the conservative web
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